Dachrinnensysteme - Isolierte Dachrinnen

The choice of gutter is varied from Trimline, Isolierte Dachrinnen , Einfach Skin, Bitumen painted, membrane lined and choices of Aluminium and Verzinkte Systeme. At J.W.Entwistle we can offer the complete range.

Isolierte Dachrinnen gutters are a sandwich system with an insulted core to provide the desired U value of insulation. The top skin is a galvanised steel, normally G275g coating but G600g is available 1.5mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm, which is punched and joggled at the ends to form male and female joints. The core of the gutter is the insulation board cut and bonded to the steel at whatever thickness necasassary. Bright white lining enamel is used as a standard to the underside of the gutter completing the three section component. These are produced up to a maximum of 3000mm long.

The gutters are used in the valley and boundry areas of the roof. Corners and T sections can be produced to compliment the system. Stop ends and wier overflows are also available.


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